A senior couple smiling together.

I never thought I would have to be laid up like I am. This is place is just wonderful. All the nurses, CNA’s, dietician, office workers have been great! The food is very good, well cooked. I am not saying I love all the food but I am being spoiled. I even try new foods . The people all work very hard to take good care of the patients and residents. I am getting stronger so that I can go home. I say thank you to all who work here!!!!!

Jackie A.

I would recommend this facility to anyone needing care.

Marguerite D.

Love the staff, love the building & love the improvements being made!

Lily C.

Our dad couldn’t have received more quality, kinder, compassionate care. We are grateful to the entire staff at Lakeport. Our wish would have been to have dad home, but this turned out to be the best option. Thank you, Lakeport. Like other families, it takes your breath away when you have to make the choice to bring them to a facility. But when you take the time to watch the staff at Lakeport, and their interactions with the patients, your heart is comforted greatly.

Kimi T.

Great place for rehabilitation.

Brenda C.

Great people. Neat clean environment. Happy friendly helpful staff. Amazing place for your loved ones.

Christy J.